authentic relationships

Published March 25, 2012 by angelwisdom46

The more I explore our healing energy, our angels messages and using crystals and meditations to find the peace and healing energy within, the more I discover a yearning for relationships with like-minded people. I never thought of it until today, after a comment from a friend, but I think this yearning stems from self doubt – although I keep getting affirmations that this way of living works, at some level I doubt my knowledge and power and seek affirmations from others. For a variety of reasons I do not have like-minded amongst my nearest and dearest. My family and friends – some think it is interesting when I talk about my journey,  others are not interested or are skeptical and still others are openly derisive about my chosen path. While I understand that all this is part of my journey and I would not change these wonderful people, the lack of people on a similar journey that I can run ideas by can at times be frustrating.

When I remember to stop, take deep breaths and ask my angels about this,  I do tend to find spiritual people, at work, at shops etc.


What is interesting is  I also get affirmations from my angels that there is at least one relationship that i need to remove myself from. This I know myself, but  I am finding it difficult to do. Does anyone have any advice or experience, not only around ending a relationship that is not healthy, or at least not helping me to grow and gain confidence, what to do to fill the gap left by the end of this relationship, and about creating and maintaining authentic relationships.

I think authentic relationships are all about trust, honesty, openness and respect. To be in the relationship we dont have to have all the same ideas, hobbies, beliefs etc, but i think it is important that we respect and value the other person and their beliefs. What do you think?


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