Crystal Wisdom book and crystals

Published March 27, 2012 by angelwisdom46

My newly published book Crystal Wisdom, available with set of seven chakra crystals and a tea light candle. This book is all about how to use crystals in everyday life and how it can take only five minutes a day to change our lives, making positive and healing changes by using crystals and talking to our angel guides. The book includes a history of using crystals to improve our lives, easy five minute meditations and other quick and easy tips for using crystals to enhance our lives, bringing about positive changes. I am selling the book and crystals together as a complete kit, with everything you need to start on this next part of your journey. The set is $25, plus $6 postage Australia wide.


Also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, here is a list of some crystals and their healing energies


Crystals and their uses

Agate – stone of protection, clarity in important decisions, helps overcome stress, brings calm and inspiration, honesty and harmony, good luck and prosperity

 Amethyst – spirituality, transformation, peace, tolerance, healing energy, calmness protection and inspiration, relieves stress, clears and focus the mind, simulates memory, mental clarity and insight, reduces negativity, fear, cravings, addictions and destructive behaviour

Amazonite – brings confidence, allows heartfelt expression, dispels sadness, grief and negative energy, increases self respect, reduces self neglect, balances energy, promotes kindness and practicality, good for artists, promotes luck in hopes and dreams

 Adventurine – healer of the heart, mind and soul, relieves stress and brings a positive attitude, prevents against disruption and loss, luck, perception and insight, self discipline, inner strength and healing, positive outlook, balances emotions, new opportunities

 Aquamarine – calming and quiets the mind, mood swings and panic attacks, attracts good luck and love, protection and meditation

 Angelite – aids healing and communication in relationships, heightened awareness, peace compassion, understanding, speak truth heal psychological pain, increases telepathy, contact with angels

 Amber – carried by traveller for protection, presence of God, carefree sunny outlook, good luck and success, dissolves oppositions

Apatite – learning, new adventures, overcome fears, see project through, inspirational psychic abilities, spiritual attunement, communication, self expression, negativity, creativity and intellect, clears confusion

Apophylite – corrects imbalances and negative thought patterns and blocks, spiritual, contact with angels, inner vision, clarity, understanding

Azurite – communication skills, intuition, meditation, creativity and inspiration, study, open mind, retaining information

Barite – inner vision higher spiritual, dream patterns, cleanse energy

Bloodstone – grounding and protective, encourages adaptability, removes energy blocks

Blue Lace Agate – calms stress and communication problems, uplifting, peace, happiness, de-stress, reduce family quarrels

Blue calcite – creates awareness of self and others

Black Onyx – empowerment and guards against addictions, determination, grounding in difficult and confusing times, releasing past attachments to things, centreing and alignment with energy of the universe, good for ridding of negativity

Blue Tourmaline – calming, de-stress, joy happiness, tolerance, kindness, mediation, communication with spirits

Carnelian – attracts a love of life, increases loving relationships, energy, protection, calming

Citrine – brings luck, success and wealth, opens our mind to new thoughts, logic and intellect, courage, communication, self esteem and self discipline, effective against depression and addiction, energises and restores health, brings energy and clarity

Chrysocolla – peace, wisdom and discretion, level headedness

Chrysoprase – conscious, insight, higher conscious, clarification, hope joy

Calcite – energy cleansing, psychic ability, stability, calming, trust in self, memory

Celestite – connect with guardian angel and other angels

Emerald – aids memory and clarity, sensitivity, truth, loyalty, success and security in love and domestic matters

Fluorite – helps one to see the truth and remain unbiased, neutralise negative vibrations, increases concentration and decision making

Garnet – stone of good luck, love and attraction, inspires mutual attraction, successful business, self esteem, friendship, protection on trips, compassion, purity and truth, security, self awareness, spirituality

Green Aventurine – brings luck and abundance, joy for life, patience, openness, creativity, money and success

Hematite – strengthens self-esteem and self-confidence, provides grounding, concentration and focus, enhances memory and problem solving, improves relationships and intuition

Hemimorphite – weight loss, communication , healing damaged relationships , compassion, connecting with angels, inner strength, psychic abilities, completing projects

Herkimer Diamond – strong, out of body experiences, communicating, balances body and emotions,

Howlite – strengthens memory

Iolite – stimulates inner strength, creativity and confidence, inner self and inner treasures

Jade – stone of good fortune, good luck, wealth and self-sufficiency, balance and healing, guards against accidents and misfortune, attracts love, money, positive attitude, clear reasoning and protection

Jasper (red) – stone of protection and grounding, courage to speak, balances energy

Jet – eases depression and mood swings

Lepidolite – promotes calmness, peace and healing, independence, goal setting, protection, relieves stress, aids sleep, and luck

Lapis Lazuli – stone of honesty, truthfulness and awareness, stimulates personal power, relieves depression, clears the mind opens chakras, channelling, empowerment and speaking out

Moss Agate – lessens stress, instills tolerance

Moonstone – brings peace, good fortune, future, intuition and inspiration, success in love and buisiness, protection

Malachite – removes fear, encourages healthy and balanced relationships, success in business, protector of children, rid of nightmares

Obsidian – stone of truth and protection

Onyx – brings self-confidence, self-control, grounding, banishes grief and sorrow, promotes personal strength, balances negative emotions

Opal – angelic connections, hope, balances

Peridot – (Chrysolite) – purity, morality, protects against negative emotions

Pietersite – vision stone, third eye, intuition, will power

Pink Tourmaline – relaxing, nurturing, comfort, safety, stress and obsessions

Prehnite – unconditional love, related to Arch Raphael, inner knowledge, heart and will, recognise truths

Pyrite – energy shield, overcomes inertia and inadequacy


Rose Quartz – stone of universal and unconditional love, friendship, harmony and trust in relationships, self acceptance, self love, self worth, self forgiveness, healing, peace and acceptance, heals emotional wounds and pain, reduces resentment, opens our hearts, forgiveness and tolerance

Smokey Quartz – imparts a positive attitude, eases negativity, stress, anxiety and depression, encourages calm and endurance, pride and joy, creativity in business, perception, learngni, protection

Clear Quartz – positive energy, powerful healing properties, enhances the energy in other crystals, heals self esteem and negativity, focuses, transforms, affirms, stimulates psychic perception, cleansing

Rhodonite – strengthens friendships and fosters humanity, brings love and passion into action, clears and activates the heart chakra, relaxation, well being, self worth, ward off negativity

Rhodochrosite – energy, love, heart, compassion, creative, intuition

Ruby – contentment, peace, life force, protection, friendship, love

Sapphire Crystals – mental clarity and perception

Selenite – reconciliation, mental clarity, anfgelic guidance, unblocks energy, peace, protection

Sodalite – encourages self-truthfulness, clears up mental confusion, fosters knowledge and consciousness, inner peace and harmony,

 Sunstone – promotes self-worth, enthusiasm and optimism, energy and self healing, harmony, personal power of attraction

 Snowflake Obsidian – balances the mind, body and spirit, brings grounding, purity, calms and soothes inner self

 Turquoise – stimulates romantic love and honesty, provides good luck, protection and friendship

 Tigers Eye (Cat’s Eye) – focuses our mind nand thoughts, clear thinking and insight, aids in dealing with difficult periods in one’s life, protection,  bringing positive healing energy, self discipline, grounding, balance and strength, relieves doubt, vision and clarity, solar plexus chakra, fire and earth,

 Tiger Iron – courage strength stamina, health, creativity, mental clarity

 Tourmaline – promotes friendship, compassion, tolerance and caring

Watermelon Tourmaline – love, balances energies, remove imbalances and guilt, soothes, harmionizes

White Calcite – cleansing and healing

White Topaz – increase awareness, emotions and actions, energy, awareness



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