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Amazing insight that links everything else in our lives and once realised, opens us up to the possibility of healing

Published May 20, 2012 by angelwisdom46

Amazing insight that links everything else in our lives and once realised, opens us up to the possibility of healing

“I am willing to forgive that part of me that angers me when I think of you”

This is a challenging thought for many people

It is interesting that many of the people that we find that play a big part in our lives do annoy us in some way

They are in our lives to teach us something about ourselves, to grow and be ready for the next part of our journey. It is only by learning from the relationship that we can grow and move on. This can take an enormous amount of courage and strength.

Of course not everyone in our lives are going to mirror that behaviour of ours that we want to change, there are people in our lives that are an absolute pleasure to be around, who prescence in our lives is also for us to grow and learn and change.

But sure that whether they are a pleasure or a chore, we can learn from everyone in our life. Some people are around for a long time, others come and go as we meet them and learn our lessons. Sometimes we are very sad to see them go other times we are sorely sorry and miss them greatly and yearn for their return. We thank God for the blessing of that person in our life.

Some people we meet up with them again, over many lifetimes, – this applies to those who annoy us and those who bring us joy, both of which can be referred to as our soulmates. There is no coincidence in this, we have a connection with these people, with their personalities that enhance our lives.

“I am willing to forgive that part of me that angers me when I think of you”

How hard it is sometimes to understand and learn that lesson. It means looking at ourselves and that part of ourselves that we may not like or be comfortable with. It can be confronting and awkward and emotional.

Examples from my life

The child who annoys and angers me – in her I see the part of me who is controlling, who is insecure and who is a drama queen – it took me a long time to realise this and it hurt incredibly when I did. But in that learning i was able to let go and notr be angry at her behaviour, to forgive her and therefore forgive myself and not bear the guilt that is not neccessary, to understand and learn yes, keep the guilt no.

My ex – his behaviours and fears weren’t so different to mine when I stopped to think about it. Ouch that hurts, as in some ways his behaviours were far removed from mine. But we both wanted the best for all our children, even if we went about it differently. Again, understand, learn, let go of the anger, guilty etc and move on.

A boos I had was an intense drama queen, control freak, timid and yet would stand up for a cause, she would protect herself at a cost to those around her. Yes when i could distance myself from her, i could see there were many similarities there. I was able to wish her all the best, change some of my behaviours and let go.

Someone I have been very close to – thinks he is always right, wants to win and be the boss. We clash terribly and mainly because we are very similar – I also think i am right, want to win an argument and be the boss. The ferocity may be different, but if I can step but, with dignity then maybe i am learning.

Two of my dearest friends who are hard work because of their insecurities and fears, mirror those fears and insecurities that are mine. Other friends have different characteristics which I see in me, and although it is hard work, i am learning to change my behaviour.

I could continue, my mother, my sister, other friends….but you can see where this is all going.

 Some relationships are more difficult than others to diagnose that part of me that annoys me when i think of them. I ask my angel guides for help and guidance. You could also ask a close friend or family member. 

It’s only when we discover this truth that we can truly let go (we can let go even if we don’t fully understand and it still frees as us but it is that final letting go that is even more cleansing)


I would love to hear other peoples opinions on this please respond with your views




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Published May 20, 2012 by angelwisdom46
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Moving, learning, growing, changing, journeying

Published May 1, 2012 by angelwisdom46

Today it struck me that the move I ask questions, the more I learn and the more questions I have. This questioning leads to knowledge and growth, and can lead to life changing directions. I have also been thinking recently about relationships and how we tend to stay in relationships that are not necessarily the best for us. We stay because it is comfortable, its easy, its a habit, or we dont have the knowledge and skills to make the change. Well I have challenged myself to look at every single relationship I have and see what part of each relationship brings me joy, what part needs changing and what part i can change. This has a lot to do with learning and retraining. I will give you an example – if i always go and visit Bob on the weekend but Bob is rude to me then I choose not to go and visit Bob. The problem is it is a habit, so what do i do instead? Do i find someone else to visit, do I go for a walk, do I read a book? Once I decide what it is I will do instead, then the bigger challenge, for me at least, is to remember that is what I had decided to do. This is where our angels and spirit guides can help. If we remember to ask them for help and guidance to move forward from old patterns and relationships then they will quietly guide us, whispering ideas in our ear. They might send us an idea via the radio, internet or other medium. They gently guide us on our journey. When we remember and trust in this, amazing things happen!