Moving, learning, growing, changing, journeying

Published May 1, 2012 by angelwisdom46

Today it struck me that the move I ask questions, the more I learn and the more questions I have. This questioning leads to knowledge and growth, and can lead to life changing directions. I have also been thinking recently about relationships and how we tend to stay in relationships that are not necessarily the best for us. We stay because it is comfortable, its easy, its a habit, or we dont have the knowledge and skills to make the change. Well I have challenged myself to look at every single relationship I have and see what part of each relationship brings me joy, what part needs changing and what part i can change. This has a lot to do with learning and retraining. I will give you an example – if i always go and visit Bob on the weekend but Bob is rude to me then I choose not to go and visit Bob. The problem is it is a habit, so what do i do instead? Do i find someone else to visit, do I go for a walk, do I read a book? Once I decide what it is I will do instead, then the bigger challenge, for me at least, is to remember that is what I had decided to do. This is where our angels and spirit guides can help. If we remember to ask them for help and guidance to move forward from old patterns and relationships then they will quietly guide us, whispering ideas in our ear. They might send us an idea via the radio, internet or other medium. They gently guide us on our journey. When we remember and trust in this, amazing things happen!


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