Angel and Spirit Guides

Published January 2, 2013 by angelwisdom46

Blessings again to all, please enjoy this information, would love to hear your thoughts and comments

Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

We all have at least one guardian angel with us throughout our entire life, who wants to help and guide us through our lives. All we have to do is talk to them, just like we would talk to anyone, a friend or a relative. When we talk to them we can tell them what it is we want in our lives or ask them for help and guidance. We can do this by sitting quietly and thinking the words or by saying the words out loud.

We have other angels and spirit guides around us all the time too, they may be people who we have known in our lives who have crossed over and are now with God and the other heavenly beings, or other spirits who connect with us at particular times in our lives and for a particular reason.

An example would be if our calling is to be a healer, there will be angels and spirit guides who were healers in their time on the planet who are close by to help us.

While our angels love us and only want what is best for us, they can not magically make things happen. We have to be willing to take their guidance and ideas, to be aware and open to the messages they constantly send us.

It is when we are in tune with our angels and spirit guides that we notice these messages and choose to act upon their messages, or ignore the messages.

I have learnt many things during my life journey, and it is through trial and error and trying to remember and learn from my mistakes that I, Sarah Caldwell, have decided to share with you what I have learnt.

No matter where we live, Queanbeyan or Timbuctoo, we all want to live an authentic, peaceful healthy life. Our angels want this for us too, and find many varied ways of showing us this everyday.


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