Crystal energies and their meanings in meditation

Published January 2, 2013 by angelwisdom46

We all love crystals, their energies are amazing. Here is a short list of some of their properties. To meditate with crystals, simple hold them and visualise them healing you, your body, your emotions, your loved ones…blessings

Individual crystal energies 

Below is a list of some crystals what their energies can used for


Love and family relationships

Rose Quartz – stone of unconditional love, healing and peace
Rhodonite – brings love and passion into action, clears and activates the heart chakra
Garnetstone of love and attraction, inspires mutual attraction
Emeraldbrings successful love, domestic bliss and security in love
Turquoise – stimulates romantic love and honesty
Agate – stone of protection and for clarity in important decisions
Amethyst – peace calmness and inspiration

 Self Confidence

Onyx – brings self-confidence, the stone of self-control
Hematite – strengthens self-esteem and self-confidence
Sunstone – promotes self-worth, enthusiasm and optimism
Amazonitebrings confidence, allows heartfelt expression
Iolitestimulates inner strength and confidence


Lapis Lazuli – stimulates personal power, relieves depression
Smokey Quartz – imparts a positive attitude, eases stress and depression
Rose Quartz – promotes self-worth, self-forgiveness and peace
Jeteases depression and mood swings
Carnelianattracts a love of life


Hematite – provides grounding, concentration and focus
Jasper – stone of protection and grounding
Snowflake Obsidian – balances the mind and spirit, brings grounding
Bloodstonegrounding and protective, encourages adaptability
Onyxprovides self-mastery, a grounding stone
Good Luck and Money
Jade – brings good luck, wealth and self-sufficiency
Turquoise – provides good luck
Agate – fosters good luck and prosperity
Garnet considered a good luck stone, repels negativity
Citrine – brings luck and wealth
Green Aventurine – brings luck and abundance

 Stress / de Stress

Smokey Quartz – relieves stress, anxiety and depression, encourages calm
Moss Agate – lessens stress, instills tolerance
Agate – helps overcome stress, bitterness and inner agate
Amethystbrings tolerance, peace and calmness, relieves stress
Aventurinehealer of the heart, mind and soul, relieves stress and brings a positive attitude
Tigers Eye – focuses the mind, clear thinking and insight
Clear Quartz – positive energy
Aquamarine – calming and quiets the mind


Onyx – banishes grief, promotes personal strength
Rose Quartz – soothes heartache and loss, promotes acceptance
Amazonite – dispels sadness, grief and negative energy
Jadebrings balance and healing
Tigers Eye– aids in dealing with difficult periods in one’s life


Tourmaline – promotes friendship, compassion, tolerance and caring
Emerald – instills sensitivity, truth and loyalty in self and others
Garnet – brings spirituality to friendships
Rhodonitestrengthens friendships and fosters humanity
Rose Quartzstone of love and friendship, brings harmony and trust to relationships
Agate – Stone of protection, brings calm and inspiration


Howlite – strengthens memory
Emerald – aids memory and clarity
Hematite – enhances memory and problem solving, brings focus
Amethystallow one to clear and focus the mind, simulates memory
Sodaliteclears up mental confusion, fosters knowledge


Lapis Lazuli – stone of honesty, truthfulness and awareness
Agate – fosters honesty and harmony
Fluorite – helps one to see the truth and remain unbiased
Sodaliteencourages self-truthfulness 
Obsidianstone of truth and protection


Clear quartz – positive stone enhances the energy in other crystals
Citrine – opens our mind to new thoughts
Jade – stone of good fortune
Amethyst – high mental clarity and insight
Lepidolite – promotes calmness and healing
Malachite – removes fear, encourages healthy relationships

Health / Healing

Jade – guards against accidents and misfortune
Rose Quartz – heals and brings peace and love
Tigers eye – protection stone, it clears and focuses our thoughts, bringing positive healing energy
Clear Quartz – this stone has powerful healing properties
Agate – Stone of protection, brings calm and inspiration
Amethyst – clears and focuses the mind
Amazonite – increases self respect, reduces self neglect
Carnelian – increases loving relationships
Aquamarine – calms mood swings and panic attacks
Moonstone – brings peace
Citrine – effective against depression and addiction

 Happiness and Peace / House and Home

Rose Quartz – stone of love and friendship, brings harmony and trust to relationships
Clear Quartz – positive energy it brings love, peace and wisdom to any intention
Smoky Quartz – reduces anxiety and stress
Citrine – energises and restores health
Moss Agate – a crystal of new beginnings
Amethyst – brings peace, calmness and inspiration to our lives


Clear Quartz – stone of intuition, clarity and knowledge
Sodalite – stone of protection, brings calm and inspiration
Selenite – brings intuition, wisdom and knowledge
Lapis luzuli – responsibility for oneself and situations


Red Tigers Eye – enthusiasm and optimism
Citrine – brings energy and clarity
Snowflake Obsidian – strengthens determination
Lapis Luzuli – responsibility and ownership of work and career


Sodalite – brings calmness, peace and inspiration
Smoky Quartz – reducing anxiety and stress allows clarity and imagination to flow
Tigers Eye – works through grief and anger to provide answers and knowledge
Rhodochrosite – opens up physic and intuitive energy

  Love and Soul Mate

Amethyst – brings peace, calmness and inspiration to our lives
Angelite – aids healing and communication in relationships
Aquamarine – attracts good luck and love and calms mood swings
Red Carnelian – heals jealousy and possessiveness
Rose Quartz – stone of love and friendship, brings harmony and trust to relationships


Blue Lapis Luzuli – assists with empowerment and speaking out
Moss agate – brings purpose and meaning, new beginnings
Turquoise – calms the mind and brings empowerment
Blue calcite – creates awareness of self and others


Adventurine – prevent against disruption and loss
Jade – protection from illness
Red Tigers Eye – protects against loss and theft
Malachite – protection and removes fear
Tree Agate – guards against fatigue


Jade – protection and brings good fortune
Sunstone – eases phobias
Blue Lace Agate – calms stress and communication problems
Black Onyx – empowerment and guards against addictions
Selenite – helps self identity


Blue Lace Agate – calms stress and communication problems
Amethyst – calms and reduces addictions and destructive behaviour
Turquoise – calms and protects
Sepentine – overcomes negative and harmful emotion
Snowflake Obsidian – strengthens determination and recovery after trauma


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